WATCH: Healing and Hope — Ending Gender-Based Violence

By Ayelet Parness

A HIAS staff member speaks with a woman and girl about HIAS' programs to address gender-based violence. | Ending Gender-Based Violence with Healing and Hope | HIAS | End Gender Based Violence Against Refugees | HIAS

Watch how HIAS is working to end gender-based violence among forcibly displaced people by supporting survivors, reducing risks, and transforming societal norms. (SidexSide Studios for HIAS)

While anyone can experience gender-based violence (GBV), women, girls, and members of the LGBTQ community are disproportionately at risk — a risk that only increases when people are forced to flee their home. HIAS works to end gender-based violence through programs that support survivors, reduce risks, and address the societal factors that underlie GBV.

HIAS honors the resilience of refugee survivors of gender-based violence, using a localized, survivor-centered approach that helps them find healing and seek justice. We partner with local women-led organizations to create safe spaces that foster connection and support among women, girls, LGBTQ people, and survivors of GBV.

But to truly end gender-based violence, we also need to transform the societal norms that condone and promote violence against women and girls. We work with men and boys to challenge the status quo and address the root causes of gender-based violence, enabling change that is lifesaving, transformative, and sustainable.

These programs have already helped hundreds of thousands of refugees address gender-based violence in over a dozen countries. Watch the video above to learn more about this lifesaving work, and how you can help.

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