Congregational Opportunities

HIAS, the world’s oldest refugee organization, invites your congregation to live the core Jewish value of welcoming the stranger. We offer six pathways to help communities support refugees locally and globally, as best fits your congregation’s interests, culture, and strengths. Explore various opportunities to aid the more than 110 million displaced people worldwide using the tiles above.

Whether you’re taking your first steps in this work or are looking to deepen your community’s commitment, HIAS can also work with you directly to help determine how your congregation can help refugees in ways that are tailored to your community.

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HIAS Pathways Awards

Beginning this year, HIAS will honor congregations who are engaged in outstanding work around refugee issues in the categories listed above. From helping new neighbors set up their homes, to establishing a robust b’nai mitzvah program benefiting refugees, to fiercely advocating for the right to seek asylum, we want to hear what your congregation is doing to help refugees and other forcibly displaced people so we can recognize and celebrate your achievements.

HIAS Clergy Council

HIAS is also proud to raise up the voices of clergy in the American Jewih community in support of refugees and other forcibly displaced people. Our Clergy Council helps us encourage deeper commitments from religious communities and advocate in the public sphere for policies that center human dignity for all. Help make our voice more powerful: Join here.

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Currently, our work with congregations is primarily based in the United States. We anticipate opportunities for Jewish congregations and clergy around the world to connect with and deepen their involvement with HIAS soon.

Not representing a congregation? Learn how you can get involved as an individual.

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