Media Inquiries

Media Inquiries

HIAS welcomes inquiries from members of the media on refugee and asylum issues large or small. Our U.S. and international staff are deeply experienced leaders in their field, and can be made available for interviews or to provide information on matters of advocacy and policy, refugee resettlement and refugee protection in the United States as well as Latin America and the Caribbean (Aruba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela), Africa and the Middle East (Kenya, Chad, Israel), Europe (Austria, Greece, Ukraine).

In the United States, HIAS resettles refugees in 29 locations across the country. While our world headquarters are in Silver Spring, MD, HIAS does not resettle refugees in the metro DC area.


For media inquiries or to set up an interview with a HIAS expert, please contact

Note: Due to volume of requests received, we may not be able to respond to all student media inquiries.

Our Name

A note about our name: while we were founded as the “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society” more than a century ago, people have called us “HIAS” for as long as we can recall and that has been our legal name for many decades. We suggest reporters refer to us as HIAS, the global Jewish nonprofit that protects refugees. Learn more about our history.


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