HIAS works to defend refugees and forcibly displaced people globally. In so doing, we are committed to conducting our affairs safely, honestly, and with integrity. HIAS does not tolerate fraud, corruption, or other offensive or harmful behavior by staff, associated personnel or partners; such misconduct dishonors our values and undermines our mission.

HIAS is committed to an inclusive workplace that treats everyone with respect and dignity, promotes equal opportunity, and is free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, and abusive conduct.

To promote a culture of ethical behavior, HIAS has adopted a Code of Conduct and set of policies, including:

  1. Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, and Abuse of Power Policy
  2. Anti-Corruption and Fraud Policy
  3. Conflict of Interest Policy
  4. Data Protection Policy
  5. Information Security Policy
  6. Procurement Policy
  7. Supplier Code of Conduct
  8. Whistleblowing Policy

HIAS is also fully committed to protecting those we serve from any exploitation, abuse, or harm. Information on HIAS’ Safeguarding Policies, which are also part of our Ethics framework, can be found on HIAS’ Safeguarding page.


HIAS’ Whistleblowing Policy prohibits retaliation for reporting a prohibited activity. Such a report may be submitted in any language and may be made anonymously.



Phone: 1-888-208-3103

HIAS swiftly and confidentially responds to reports of misconduct by staff, associated personnel, and partners. A violation will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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