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There have never been more displaced people seeking safety with so few places willing to welcome and protect them. With 100 million displaced people around the world, your company’s support of HIAS has never been more needed.

Oksana Bezkorovaina and her daughter Masha headed to an Airbnb in Warsaw, Poland, with help from Our Choice and HIAS in June 2022. (Betsy Joles for HIAS)

How partnerships help

HIAS is proud to partner with corporations that are committed to addressing both global and local refugee crises, working to foster social and economic integration that brings success at the company and community level. Working together with HIAS’ experts on the ground, the private sector brings its resources and specific knowledge-sets to bear on issues related to refugees, asylum seekers and those forcibly displaced from their homes. From providing those most in need with vital housing, food, and health services to empowering them with languages, employment skills and internet access, corporations around the world are having a profound impact.


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Securing refugee data


Securing refugee data

Lorem ipsum dolor amit Cisco partners with HIAS to assist refugees across the world. Recognizing the value of securing refugee data, Cisco provided funding to develop the HIAS Case Management System. It also made infrastructure product donations to secure staff internet communications within each country office. Additionally, Cisco provides product donations that secures Wifi so refugees can access the internet and accomplish their vital everyday transactions.

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Networking for jobs


Networking for jobs

Meta helped hundreds of refugees in Latin America by providing free community leaders training and use of its employment platform. This enabled them to strengthen their networks and find work.

Building skills and cars


Building skills and cars

Tata Motors in Latin America provides training for refugees in innovation and technology. Tata has also launched Women in Tech with HIAS, to promote women and girls entering technology careers and hosts refugee-related events with HIAS, including holidays and summer camps for refugee children.

Learning languages and employment skills


Learning languages and employment skills

Online training provider Coursera has given hundreds of refugees access to their free and premium business courses. For breadwinners who have been displaced, this is a crucial opportunity to improve their fluency in the local language and to enhance their employment skills making them more competitive in the labor market.

Making jobs for refugees


Making jobs for refugees

Tent helped create refugee and migrant hiring guides with HIAS Peru and HIAS Colombia, to provide customized mentorship and hiring guidance for companies with offices across Latin America.

Providing urgent transportation


Providing urgent transportation

Uber provides free transportation for refugees as they settle into their new homes. HIAS clients have used Uber to transport children with special needs, go to medical screenings, and attend job interviews. Uber’s partnership with HIAS is active across the United States as well as in Mexico, Colombia, Poland, and Kenya.

We are proud to partner with HIAS and have the opportunity to help resettled people gain the language skills they need to become better integrated into their new communities.

Jessica Lee, Vice President of Marketing at Rosetta Stone/IXL Learning

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For more information on corporate partnership opportunities at HIAS, including grants, matching gifts, in-kind product donations or refugee workforce development.

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Companies can be a leading force for good by leveraging HIAS’ global reach and local knowledge to make a practical difference to refugees and asylum seekers around the world. For example, since 2017, Airbnb and have worked with HIAS to help more than 20,000 refugees find short-term housing in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Poland, Guyana and the United States.

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Oksana Bezkorovaina and her daughter Mariia wait in The Ukrainian House in Warsaw before shifting to an Airbnb where they are staying with help from Our Choice and HIAS on June 4, 2022 in Warsaw, Poland.

In June 2022, Oksana Bezkorovaina and her daughter Mariia found an Airbnb in Warsaw, Poland, with help from Our Choice and HIAS. (Betsy Joles for HIAS)

I had the privilege of visiting their Kenya office recently and hearing first-hand how Cisco's digital Case Management System has enabled HIAS to support more refugees with a better level of service. Cisco is proud to partner with HIAS and support their impactful work across the globe.

Sue-Lynn Hinson, Cisco Crisis Response


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