Safeguarding at HIAS

HIAS is dedicated to maintaining the highest degree of ethical conduct among our staff, personnel, contractors, board members, consultants, volunteers, and others working on behalf of HIAS. In keeping with our vision and values, we are deeply committed to the protection of children, vulnerable adults, and any other person that comes into contact with HIAS from any form of harm caused directly or indirectly by our organization. We maintain a zero tolerance policy towards any form of exploitation, abuse, or harm caused by our team members or as a result of our programming and are dedicated to ensuring that robust prevention and response measures are in place in all of our work.

To this end, we have established comprehensive policies to ensure ethical conduct of our staff and those working on behalf of HIAS. In addition to our Code of Conduct, the following policies make up our Safeguarding framework at HIAS:

  • PSEA Policy which covers our commitment for the Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
  • Safeguarding of Children Policy which establishes our zero tolerance policy towards any form of exploitation, abuse, neglect, or other forms of harm towards children
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Policy which prohibits any form of human trafficking or activities that could contribute to human trafficking


As part of our zero tolerance policy, HIAS is committed to swiftly and safely responding to safeguarding concerns that are brought to our attention. Concerns can be reported through the following confidential channels:

Reports can be submitted in any language and anonymously. HIAS’ Whistleblowing Policy protects anyone reporting a safeguarding concern, or with a reasonable belief that trafficking has occurred, from any form of retaliation or negative employment consequences.

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