LISTEN: HIAS Briefing Call and Litigation Update

On Wednesday, March 29, a federal judge in Hawaii ruled to extend the block on the Trump Administration’s revised refugee ban, allowing already-cleared and vetted individuals to continue to find safety on America’s shores—at least for the time being.

HIAS held a briefing call for supporters on Thursday, March 30, to discuss the ongoing litigation moving through courts across the country in response to President Trump’s revised executive order.

HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield and Managing Attorney Liz Sweet discussed the ramifications of the Hawaii ruling, as well as the developments of the case in Maryland in which HIAS is an organizational plaintiff.

A preliminary injunction related to components of the revised executive order was issued in the Maryland case on March 16, and that decision is now being appealed by the federal government to the Fourth Circuit.

On the call, HIAS Vice President for Community Engagement Rabbi Jennie Rosenn also briefed participants on different ways to get involved in the Jewish response to the refugee crisis. One of the ways she suggested to lift up stories of today’s refugees at the Passover Seder using HIAS’ 2017 Haggadah Supplement.

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