Sign up your congregation to welcome the 118th Congress

As 2023 begins, HIAS is inviting congregations to help us welcome the new Congress and impress upon them the urgency and importance of ensuring the rights, safety, and dignity of refugees, asylum seekers, humanitarian parolees, and all seeking a safe haven.

There are three stages to this project:

  1. Welcome Letters:
    Upon confirmation of your congregation/community’s participation, you will receive a link to a welcome letter for your member of Congress. Your congregation will circulate the link, collecting as many signatures as possible from members of your community.

  2. Meeting Request:
    Your congregation/community will then send the final letter and signatures to your member of the House of Representatives and request a meeting with a few key people from your community. We will also be coordinating efforts across states to share signatures and meet with senators as well.

  3. Congressional Meeting:
    Your congregation/community delivers the letter in an in-person or virtual meeting, and makes concrete advocacy asks, using talking points provided by HIAS.

If you weren’t able to attend our kickoff, you can watch the recording to learn more about participating.

Please fill out this form to sign up.

Part I: Welcome Letters

Congregations and communities will collect signatures on a welcome letter to their member of Congress. After you fill out this form to sign up, we will send you a link that you can circulate to collect signatures from the members of your organization or congregation.

Part II: Meeting with members of Congress

When sending the welcome letter, congregations can request a meeting with their members of Congress.

Additional Information

If you have a leadership role and are filling out this form on behalf of my congregation, please list up to 5 additional people who should receive communication about this project (optional).

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