We Still Support Refugees, Groups Tell Congress

A group of more than 80 refugee and immigration law experts, humanitarian aid organizations, faith, labor and civil and human rights groups sent a letter to members of the U.S. House and Senate on Tuesday, urging them to "demonstrate leadership by speaking out against the scapegoating of any group," during this time of heightened tensions. 

They note that, "because so few refugees in the world are resettled, the U.S. often chooses the most vulnerable, including refugees who cannot remain safely where they are and families with children who cannot receive the medical care they need to survive. To turn our back on refugees would be to betray our nation's core values. It would send a demoralizing and dangerous message to the world that the United States makes judgments about people based on the country they come from and their religion. This feeds into extremist propaganda and makes us all less safe." 

"Refugees have enriched communities across our country and have been part of the American fabric for generations. Historically our nation has responded to every major war or conflict and has resettled refugees from Africa, South East Asia, Eastern Europe as well as the Middle-East. Closing the door to refugees would be disastrous for not only the refugees themselves, but their family members in the United States who are waiting for them to arrive, and our reputation in the world." 

A pdf copy of the full letter, including a list of signatories, is available via the link below.


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