Time: How to Talk to Your Kids about Refugees

Time shared some helpful tips for talking to your children about the global refugee crisis. They note that differnet approaches will be best for different age groups.

"High school students may want to take action," they write. 

American kids have great opportunities to get involved, thanks to a “robust refugee resettlement program” in the U.S, either through secular programs like the International Rescue Committee, or faith-based groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services, or Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. Families can get involved with simple activities like meeting refugees at the airport or taking them grocery shopping, or more substantial commitments, like supporting them as they learn English, seek jobs, or get their kids into schools. Parents can help kids get started with questions like, “If you had to leave your home for a new country, what would you want someone to do for you?”

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