Jewish Week: Obama Agrees To Settle 10,000 Syrians; HIAS Wants 100,000

HIAS wants the U.S. government to resettle 100,000 Syrian refugees next year. That's far more than the 1,000 resettled this past year, The Jewish Week reports. They write:

The United States has already set a precedent for resettling refugees at the numbers HIAS is urging; it took in twice that number after the Vietnam War with none of the infrastructure currently in place, said HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield.

Germany and Sweden, both much smaller countries than the U.S., have already taken in tens of thousands of Syrians, and have committed to accept more. “When we want to settle large numbers quickly, we can do it, and given what Germany’s offering, we should do it,” said Hetfield.

“The refugees we’re bringing here are the ones who fled the jihadists,” he said on the call. “To confuse the refugees with the people they’re fleeing is to make the same mistake that kept the Jews from Germany out, because people thought they were German nationals.”

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