VIDEO: Supporting LGBTQ+ People in Latin America All Year

By Beverly Goldberg

Each year, HIAS celebrates the strength and resilience of  LGBTQ+ people across Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Our support, however, isn’t just during Pride – it happens all year round.  

We provide mental health support, legal assistance, gender-based violence prevention services, and economic inclusion programs to LGBTQ+ refugees and members of the local community in 11 different countries.  

HIAS Latin America and the Caribbean has also developed programs specifically adapted to the unique challenges the community faces such as the Entrepreneurship School for LGBTQ+ People and the Curriculum Module on Sexual Orientation, Identity and Gender Expression.  

Our teams work alongside grassroots organizations in the region to promote dialogue, collaboration, and mutual learning. HIAS has developed alliances with organizations such as Diálogo Diverso, Red Somos, and Casa Frida, to ensure that our programs are constantly adapting to changing needs. HIAS has also provided local organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean with capacity building to improve localized services for LGBTQ+ people.  

Watch the video above to hear more from our LGBTQ+ participants and program staff in the region.

Ve el video en español aquí.

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