Jewish Refugees Resettled in Latin America Share Memories

By Raquel Nuchi and Beverly Goldberg

Photo credits: Avigdor, Centro Marc Turkow, 1938, from the collection of AMIA Jewish Community in Argentina.

HIAS was established in New York over a century ago with the aim of supporting Jewish people fleeing from the pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe. Following subsequent tragedies, like the Holocaust and the expulsion of Jewish communities from Egypt, HIAS was there to help.

During the 20th century, HIAS began to assist Jewish refugees to resettle in Latin America and the Caribbean. HIAS helped them to book and pay for their tickets by plane or by boat and connect to Jewish community groups after arriving.

In honor of this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day (May 6th), here are testimonies of HIAS clients who left everything behind and started again in cities such as Buenos Aires, Caracas, Cali, and Mexico City.

Ve el video en español aquí.

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