HIAS Closely Monitoring Ecuador Security Crisis

SILVER SPRING, Md/QUITO – HIAS is deeply concerned by the recent developments in Ecuador and is closely monitoring the evolving security situation. The escalation of violence has posed a serious risk to the well-being of Ecuadorians and the thousands of refugees and migrants residing in the country.

The deteriorating security conditions, the declaration of a nationwide state of emergency for 60 days, and the acknowledgement of an “internal armed conflict” by President Daniel Noboa on January 9 reflect the gravity of the situation. HIAS acknowledges the importance of preserving the safety and security of the population during these challenging times, while also guaranteeing the respect of human rights for all.

Amid these challenges, refugees and migrants are especially vulnerable to the security situation. Their protection must be prioritized to ensure their well-being.

We are mindful of the impact these developments have on the lives of Ecuadorians, refugees, and migrants, and we commend the resilience of the communities affected. In solidarity with Ecuador and our two-decade presence in the country, HIAS hopes for a swift resolution to the current crisis and a return to normalcy.

Several humanitarian actors, including HIAS, have taken precautionary measures to prioritize the safety of staff and participants by temporarily adjusting to remote attention or suspending some activities. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to assess when it is appropriate to resume our operations in affected areas.

HIAS remains committed to contributing to the well-being of communities in Ecuador and stands ready to assist in any way possible as the situation evolves.










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