HIAS Book and Film Club — Simple As Water

Oct 13, 2023
12:00PM EST

General Events

Join us for a facilitated session of the HIAS Book and Film Club to discuss the New York Times critically acclaimed documentary Simple As Water with Chelsey Berlin, HIAS Director of Community Engagement Programs and Initiatives, and Glaucia Pereda, HIAS Regional Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Technical Advisor for Central America and the Caribbean.

Simple As Water explores the impact of war, separation, and displacement through portraits of four Syrian families’ quests for normalcy and building a new life. Filmed over the course of five years in five countries including Turkey, Greece, Germany, Syria and the U.S., Simple As Water highlights the elemental importance of family. The film is available on HBO, Max, and through Max on Hulu. This film is presented as part of our national partnership with the Amal Walks Across America.

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