Trump’s Proposed 2018 Budget Falls Short on Refugees, Warns HIAS

WASHINGTON—President Trump released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2018 today, including his recommendations for federal funding of key accounts at the Department of State and Health and Human Services that serve refugees both overseas and domestically. 

The proposal indicates the president’s desire to limit the number of refugees resettled in the United States to 50,000 in 2018, far short of what is needed. It slashes funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement which fosters long-term integration, self-sufficiency, and economic success of refugees. Additionally, it proposes to completely eliminate the Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance fund, which ensures that the U.S. can respond to humanitarian and displacement emergencies.

“In the midst of the greatest refugee crisis in history, this proposal inexplicably seeks a reduced U.S. response to the most pressing humanitarian disaster of our timethe forcible displacement of more than 65 million people,” said HIAS Vice President for Policy and Advocacy Melanie Nezer.

“This budget would leave the U.S. and our allies around the world less prepared to deal with both the ongoing crises we’re already experiencing, and any new emergencies that should arise in the coming year. We urge appropriators in the House and Senate to reject these proposed cuts and to produce a plan more responsive to the present global situation,” Nezer said.


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