HIAS, UNHCR Statement on Fraud in Aruba

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and HIAS Aruba are not aware of and are not affiliated with the group “Movimiento Todos Por Venezuela”. 

Any transfer of money or sending personal information may result in fraudulent situations as well as economic damage and/or identity theft.

UNHCR and HIAS are not responsible for damages caused by the transfer of money or personal information due to fraudulent messages. Victims of fraud can consider approaching the competent authorities for the corresponding legal action. 

The services of HIAS and UNHCR are free of charge and both organizations have a policy of zero tolerance with respect to fraud and corruption. Communicate any suspicion of fraud or corruption to HIAS or UNHCR by sending an email exclusive and confidential: ethics@hias.orgor inspector@unhcr.org

Be attentive to fraud! Verify that all information comes from a reliable source. More information at: https://www.acnur.org/alerta-fraudes-y-estafas-en-materia-de-suministros-y-proveedores.html


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