HIAS Statement on New Executive Order Targeting Refugees

WASHINGTONToday, President Trump signed another executive order again barring the resettlement of refugees for 120 days, banning the entry of people from six Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, and calling for extreme vetting. President Trump's declaration on January 27, to lower the number of refugees allowed into the United States this year from 110,000 to 50,000—the lowest refugee ceiling since the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980—remains unchanged.

In response to the second executive order, which will further reduce the number of refugees who will find a life in safety and freedom, HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield issued the following statement: 

“The language of the ban is slightly changed, but the results for refugees are the same. Even for the thousands of refugees who have already followed all the rules, and have already been subject to extreme security vetting, President Trump will not allow them into the United States.

"There is nothing ‘temporary’ about leaving innocent families stranded and at grave risk while their government-issued security clearances expire, or crippling America’s domestic refugee resettlement infrastructure while fixing a system that is not broken.

"The American Jewish community, which owes its very existence to the American tradition of welcoming refugees, cannot accept this betrayal of our values. We will continue to fight all attempts to vilify refugees. HIAS remains committed to assisting and resettling refugees while using every tool at our disposal, including litigation, to defend America’s legacy of welcome.”


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