HIAS Statement on ICE Raids

Silver Spring, Md. -- This weekend, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to carry out a mass raid, targeting immigrants in ten major cities across the United States. Raids terrorize immigrants and force them to live with the constant fear of deportation, detention, and the threat of separation from their families. HIAS condemns these raids on immigrants in the United States as unnecessary and inhumane.

“Sending armed ICE agents to the homes of our neighbors and friends is cruel and will leave a lasting traumatic impact on families and children,” said Melanie Nezer, HIAS’ Senior Vice President of Public Affairs. “The threat of raids alone has already caused thousands of people in our communities to feel afraid, targeted, and powerless. The widespread use of raids recalls some of the darkest times in history and has no place in America.”

Nezer added: “The administration has presented no security justification for these raids against immigrants and their families, and no reason at all that would justify sending armed agents to people’s homes, where they live with their children, and taking them away. The wide net of these raids will catch people who are unaware of their rights or afraid to assert them, as well as immigrants who have not yet had their chance at a fair day in court. These raids will forever impact families, particularly the children who witness them.” 


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