HIAS Launches Information Helpline to Answer Public’s Questions on Refugee Issues

SILVER SPRING, Md – HIAS today announced the launch of a new information helpline service to answer questions related to resettlement and general legal information for refugees and asylum seekers. The helpline at 1-800-HIAS-714 (1-800-442-7714) will provide the most current information regarding assistance for displaced Ukrainians, Afghan resettlement, the U.S.-Mexico border, and the Lautenberg program for members of historically persecuted religious minority groups.

“People frequently come to HIAS with questions about refugee policies and services that can be difficult to navigate, which is why we set up this information helpline, so we can provide answers whenever possible, or quickly direct callers to other organizations that can assist them,” said HIAS Executive Vice President Sabrina Lustgarten. “This resource will support not only refugees, but also the congregations, other community partners, and individuals who want to help refugees in the U.S.”

The new helpline, which will be staffed by Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, French, and English speakers, is part of an ongoing initiative to build a robust HIAS Customer Care department based out of the humanitarian organization’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. Callers will get a response by choosing menu options related to such topics as Ukraine, Afghanistan, the U.S.-Mexico Border, the Lautenberg program, and general legal orientation.

People can call the information helpline from anywhere in the world. For now, callers will be responsible for long-distance call fees until HIAS can assess the number of international calls coming in. However, there will be other channels that people in need of assistance will be able to use to reach HIAS such as by email at info@hias.org, and eventually a chat option on the website at HIAS.org.

The public is also being informed about this initiative through the organization’s website at hias.org, and through its social media channels, including FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. HIAS will also publish information about the helpline in local and national newspapers to reach immigrant and refugee communities.


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