Former HIAS Board Chair Dianne Lob Nominated to Lead Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

SILVER SPRING, Md. -- HIAS congratulates Dianne Lob, who served as our board chair from 2016-2019, on her nomination to become the next chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

Lob led HIAS through a time of major challenges and significant growth and change during her term, and is a thoughtful, respectful, incisive, and consensus-driven leader. 

We also know her as deeply devoted to Jewish values and a strong supporter of Israel and the US-Israel relationship. Her involvement with HIAS is rooted in her personal history as the child of refugees from Nazi Germany and the grandchild of family members murdered in the Holocaust.


HIAS, the global Jewish nonprofit agency that protects refugees whose lives are in danger for being who they are, works in 16 countries across five continents in the name of the Jewish people to provide protection and safety to forcibly displaced persons  HIAS was founded in 1881 to assist refugees because they were Jewish, today HIAS helps refugees because we are Jewish.

Backed by a broad constituency including over 2,000 American rabbis in 48 states and more than 450 congregations across the country, HIAS stands firm in our commitment, as Jews and as Americans, to support and welcome refugees.


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