WATCH: Safeguarding Refugee Rights Through Legal Support

By Ayelet Parness

A HIAS legal client sits and talks with a client in this thumbnail for the video

(SideXSide Studios)

Every person has a right to safety, work, and education. When refugees, asylum seekers, and other displaced people find themselves in countries where they may not know the language — let alone how the legal system operates — HIAS’ legal team ensures that they know their rights, have access to protective services, and can navigate the complicated legal systems that lead to safety and security.

HIAS’ new video, “Safeguarding Refugee Rights Through Legal Support,” tells the stories of some of the over 200,000 displaced people assisted by HIAS’ legal programs each year. These people include Alexey, a Cuban refugee who was able to get a social security number and start a job as a veterinarian; Natalia, a Ukrainian refugee who obtained guardianship over her grandchildren after her daughter passed away; and Dmitrii, a Russian refugee who no longer feels he is in danger just because he is gay.

HIAS’ legal programs ensure that refugees and other displaced people can get the legal support they need to rebuild their lives in dignity.

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