WATCH: Protecting Refugees in Greece, An Interfaith Response

All around the world today, men, women and children are being forced to flee their homes at record levels. They make the brave decision to escape life-threatening violence, oppression and persecution in order to pursue safety not because they wish to, but because they’ve been left with no other option.

But as we’ve seen recently on America’s southern border, refugees and asylum seekers cannot always access the humanitarian and legal protections they are entitled to under international law.

In Greece, overcrowding, complex asylum procedures and restrictions on movement have created an urgent need for legal aid.

Since 2015, more than 1 million refugees have made the dangerous journey to the Greek island of Lesvos seeking safety from war and persecution. While the situation may no longer be in the headlines, they continue to arrive to this day.

A unique, new partnership between HIAS, a Jewish organization, and Islamic Relief USA, a Muslim organization, is helping to ensure that the most vulnerable refugees in Greece receive access to protection and other assistance to help them resume their lives in safety and with dignity. 

HIAS is proud to be part of this interfaith partnership, documented in a short video shot on Lesvos in May 2018.

To learn more about HIAS’ work in Greece, click here.

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