This Passover, Show Your #SupportForRefugees

By Merrill Zack - Director, Community Engagement Programs

This Passover, Show Your #SupportForRefugees

(Repair the World)

In a few weeks we will gather to tell the story of our people’s escape from persecution and our long journey to become a free people in a new land. The parallels to today’s global refugee crisis are striking.

What better moment, then, for awareness, service and advocacy?

This Passover, HIAS is partnering with Repair the World on a campaign to build awareness, foster dialogue, and inspire action among Jewish young adults. Knowing that conversations that begin around the dinner table can produce world-changing advocacy and inspire direct service, HIAS and Repair the World have created substantive resources designed to help young people launch meaningful discussion about the global refugee crisis within a Jewish framework during a Seder or Shabbat dinner.

The #SupportforRefugees campaign also offers opportunities to connect young adults to service opportunities with the local organizations that support refugees when they arrive. Volunteer projects may include providing essential services like helping refugees access housing, education, job training, English language tutoring or after school care.

Repair and HIAS anticipate that scores of meals will take place across the U.S., spurring conversation and action in support of refugees. Thousands of young adults are expected to participate in some way throughout the two week initiative, which runs from April 15 - 30.

We hope that the conversations that begin around the table will echo deeply in our souls and not only raise awareness, but also call today’s emerging Jewish leaders to action.

Individuals interested in participating in any part of the initiative can get more information and can sign up at

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