Selling Lemonade to Help "People Who Don't Have Anything"

Selling Lemonade to Help

Liv Bridges-Limon of New York City at her lemonade stand where she raised money for HIAS and other organizations.

(Bryan Bridges-Limon)

In the children’s book A Case for Buffy by Ulf Nilsson, a fox destroys the home of a family of mice, forcing them to relocate to another part of the forest. They reach their new home with only their pillows, so the other animals help them find furniture, clothing and assist them getting settled.

After reading the book with her father, 4 ½ year old Liv Bridges-Limon, asked if the same thing ever happens to people. Her father Bryan delicately explained that refugees, asylum seekers and homeless people can experience similar displacement and sometimes receive help from others.

In response, Liv, who is not yet in kindergarten, suggested opening a lemonade stand on the sidewalk outside her Manhattan apartment building to raise money for “people who don’t have anything.” This past weekend, as some in the sweltering city were bracing for ICE raids, Liv raised several hundred dollars to be split between HIAS, Arizona Jews for Justice and the Coalition for the Homeless.

From all of us at HIAS, thank you Liv!

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