Join the HIAS Welcome Campaign

Through the Welcome Campaign, HIAS seeks to demonstrate the widespread support for refugees in the American Jewish community by highlighting the involvement and engagement of congregations and communities around the country.

By joining the HIAS Welcome Campaign, congregations will receive ongoing support, resources, and access to a network of communities that support welcoming refugees to the U.S. and who are engaging in the response to the global refugee crisis.

There are two steps required to join the campaign:

  1. Sign an affirmative statement in support of refugees.
  2. Commit to engage your congregation or community in refugee issues in at least one meaningful way (e.g., education, advocacy, volunteering).

Please fill out this form to sign-up.


Part I: Statement in Support of Welcoming Refugees

Congregations and communities from around the country are signing onto an affirmative statement in support of welcoming refugees to the United States. Signing this statement is one of only two necessary steps to joining HIAS' Welcome Campaign. Please sign-on below.

We, Jewish congregations and communities from around the country, are signing onto HIAS’ Welcome Campaign as an affirmative statement in support of welcoming refugees to the United States.

With over 110 million people displaced from their homes worldwide, we see the plight of contemporary refugees as simultaneously an alarming global crisis and an issue that resonates very deeply with Jewish history and values.  Throughout history, the Jewish people have been forced to flee persecution and seek safety in other lands.  Throughout history, we have been refugees.  Today, inspired by the biblical injunction to “welcome the stranger,” our communities call upon the government of the United States to rise to the leadership that this crisis warrants.

Individually, we, the congregations on this list, are taking action in a variety of ways including: educating others about refugees, advocating with elected officials, holding events and programs, raising money to support refugees, building partnerships and helping refugees in our local communities.

Together, we, the congregations on this list, comprise a powerful Jewish voice in support of refugees worldwide.
Once, the Jewish community helped refugees because they were Jewish.  Now we help refugees because we are Jewish.

Our congregation/community would like to add our name to this statement. (Required for joining Welcome Campaign.)

Part II: Commitment to Involvement

Congregations and communities from around the country are responding to the global refugee crisis through education, advocacy, direct service, tzedakah, and more. Joining the HIAS Welcome Campaign means that you are committing to involve your community in at least one way in the next year (or that you have already involved your congregation in one way in the past year).

Additional Information


We send out a newsletter every six weeks to share action opportunities, best practices, and news. It is a great way to stay informed about the broader national Jewish response to the refugee crisis. The person submitting this form will automatically be subscribed and become the primary contact*. If you want a different person to be the primary contact, please indicate below.

Please list up to 5 people who should receive the Welcome Campaign Newsletter

*The primary contact is the person from the congregation who will be able to be responsive to specific emails, and able to share the correct information with the rest of the leadership and the wider congregation when necessary. It can be a Rabbi or staff member, but also could be a key lay-leader. All contacts will of course receive general messaging and newsletters.

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