SIV 101: Introduction to Special Immigrant Visas

Dec 13, 2022
3:00 - 4:30 ET

After 9/11 and the onset of the War in Afghanistan, through the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in August 2021, the U.S. military has relied upon Afghan allies who risked their lives to serve as translators, interpreters, or in other support capacities for the U.S. or International Security Assistance Forces. In recognition of their loyalty, the critical importance of their work, and the danger they’d face if they remained in Afghanistan, Congress authorized a special process by which these allies could come to the U.S. with their families as Lawful Permanent Residents (green card holders). But the expedited evacuation of Afghan allies in late 2021 meant that many Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) -eligible Afghans and their families were unable to complete the normal SIV process abroad; now, many Afghan allies are struggling to navigate the processing of their SIV cases from inside the U.S. Join HIAS’ Pro Bono and Partnerships team and experts from the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) for an overview of the Special Immigrant Visa, the benefits it confers, the process to apply, and how eligible Afghans who have entered the U.S. may obtain green cards for themselves and their families through SIV.

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