HIAS Welcomes U.S. Citizenship Act

WASHINGTON — Today, Democrats in Congress introduced the U.S. Citizenship Act, a bill incorporating President Biden’s legislative priorities on immigration. The bill would make America’s immigration system more humane and offer millions of people already living in the United States a path to citizenship.
Among the bill’s provisions are: establishing pathways to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented immigrants, as well as “Dreamers” and others; a long-overdue expansion of opportunities for legal migration; and more than $4 billion in funding over four years to fight violence, crime, and corruption in Central America, factors forcing many people to flee their countries and seek better lives in the United States.

“If not now, when?” said Melanie Nezer, HIAS’ senior vice president of public affairs. “Millions of immigrants — our doctors, teachers, essential workers, parents, neighbors, and friends — have been contributing to this country for decades while they live in constant fear of deportation. The fear and uncertainty that have become a part of the daily lives of so many people in our communities is unacceptable. We need to put an end to it by providing a path to citizenship.”

While the U.S. Citizenship Act would provide relief for many, it’s not a complete fix and could exclude some people who should have a chance at citizenship. We urge Congress to act quickly and take action to make our immigration, asylum, and refugee systems safe, accessible, and equitable.


HIAS is the international Jewish humanitarian organization that provides vital services to refugees and asylum seekers in 16 countries. We advocate for the rights of all forcibly displaced people to rebuild their lives and seek to create a world in which they find safety, opportunity, and welcome.

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