HIAS Statement on 9th Circuit Court Ruling

WASHINGTON—In response to the ruling tonight by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the temporary restraining order on the Trump administration’s executive order banning refugees, HIAS issued the following statement:

"Today, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously made America great again. The Constitution prevailed. The Executive Order that tried to turn prejudice into policy failed,” said HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield. “But HIAS cannot rest yet. On behalf of all the refugees and asylum seekers we serve, we at HIAS will continue fighting President Trump’s executive order until we have re-secured the American tradition of welcoming refugees to our shores.”

“We are relieved and grateful,” added HIAS Vice President for Policy and Advocacy Melanie Nezer. “During the short time this order was in effect, thousands of immigrants and refugees were kept from returning to their homes, jobs, and families, and from a chance at finally finding safety and freedom. But the Court's decision—and the ultimate end of this Executive Order in the future—is cheered tonight across America and around the world by those who believe in our country as a beacon of hope and a nation of immigrants and refugees.”


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