HIAS Saddened by Accidental Bombing of Nigerian Refugee Camp

NEW YORK—In response to the news that a Nigerian fighter jet accidentally bombed a refugee camp for displaced people fleeing Boko Haram, HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield said the following:

“The accidental bombing of the displaced persons camp in Rann, Nigeria, is a tragic result of ongoing violence and chaos – the very circumstances that have led so many to leave behind their communities and everything they know in search of safety and stability. HIAS is shocked and deeply saddened by this news.

“It is the responsibility of government and military forces to protect their citizens. As we work to find solutions and safe haven for today’s 65 million refugees – the highest number of refugees since World War II – this tragedy only demonstrates how vulnerable refugees are. Their human rights, their very existence, are in constant danger, and they deserve to be safely and securely resettled into communities they can call home and build new lives.”


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