HIAS Responds to U.N. Helping U.S. Screen Central American Migrants

WASHINGTON—In response to the news that the Obama administration will be receiving help from the United Nations in screening Central American Migrants, HIAS VP of Policy and Advocacy Melanie Nezer issued the following statement:

“With the launch of this new partnership, the Obama Administration has made clear that it recognizes that the epidemic of violence in Central America demands an international response. By working with the U.N. refugee agency to help people apply for protection from within the region, the U.S. can potentially save lives.

“However, it raises the question of how the administration can justify its stated plans to continue to deport people back to these countries, despite evidence that many are removed without adequate chance to pursue their asylum claims or sufficient legal assistance. Deporting people who may have legitimate asylum claims back to some of the most violent places on the planet is not only a violation of our values, it potentially places the U.S. in violation of international law.” 



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