HIAS Calls for Protection and Safe Evacuation of Syrian Civilians

WASHINGTON—HIAS, the global Jewish nonprofit that protects refugees, is horrified by the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Syria at the hands of Syrian government forces and their allies in eastern Aleppo. In response, HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield issued the following statement:

“As an organization whose mission is to care for the persecuted and the displaced, HIAS is deeply disturbed by the ongoing violence and besiegement of civilian populations in eastern Aleppo. We join in the call for an immediate cessation of violence and the safe and swift evacuation of the tens of thousands of people in desperate need of protection and humanitarian assistance.

“The callous indifference for human life displayed in Aleppo provides a shocking reminder of the destructive, ongoing conflicts driving the largest migration of human beings in recorded history. It is imperative that the civilians fleeing the horrific and life-threatening situation in Syria are allowed to evacuate safely and receive protection in accordance with international law for the duration of their displacement.

“Our thoughts remain with the families still under threat in Syria, and we pray for the stabilization and security of a region torn apart by unspeakable violence for too long.”  



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