The Genesis Prize Foundation Awards HIAS $100,000 Challenge Grant to Advance Refugee Protection

NEW YORK – Today, The Genesis Prize Foundation (GPF) and 2017 Genesis Prize Laureate Anish Kapoor announced a $100,000 challenge grant to HIAS, the global Jewish nonprofit that protects refugees. It is the second gift HIAS has received from the foundation in recent weeks. On January 17, 2018, GPF and Kapoor, a world-renowned artist and human rights activist, announced grants to five prominent NGOs, including HIAS, totaling $1 million.

Like the initial GPF grant, the $100,000 gift, which HIAS will match dollar for dollar through donations during the Passover holiday, will help strengthen the capacity of local faith leaders in communities across America to advocate in support of immigrants and refugees. The follow-up grant was awarded as a result of recent policy debate in Washington aimed at curtailing the number of immigrants and refugees from certain countries that the U.S. would accept in the future.

Commenting on the new gift to HIAS, Stan Polovets, Co-founder and Chairman of The Genesis Prize Foundation, said: "The current refugee crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our time. Given its track record of providing support to and advocating on behalf of refugees, HIAS is well positioned to improve the lives of tens of thousands of individuals seeking a new destiny, free of turmoil and uncertainty. We are proud to support such a critical mission."

Mark Hetfield, president and CEO of HIAS, stated: “HIAS is proud to have The Genesis Prize Foundation and sculptor and activist Anish Kapoor as partners in advancing HIAS’ mission to ensure that refugees can find welcome, safety, and freedom. This generous gift is especially meaningful as we approach Passover and reflect on the Jewish people’s historic refugee experience. I would like to thank GPF and 2017 Genesis Prize Laureate Kapoor for strengthening HIAS' resolve and capacity to create a better future for displaced people around the world today.”



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