Resources to Take Action

From sending letters to your lawmaker to getting more involved in your community, we need you to speak up for refugees and asylum seekers.

Speak Up

Urge Congress to support the bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act, which will provide Afghan evacuees the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in the U.S.

Call your Member of Congress to oppose the continuation of Title 42 at U.S. borders, which denies people fleeing violence and persecution their legal right to seek asylum.

Use HIAS’ social media graphics to raise awareness about the importance of ending Title 42.

Tell the Biden Administration to ensure that people seeking to leave Afghanistan have access to safety.

Participate in HIAS’ August Advocacy Program Set up a meeting with your Member of Congress to advocate for the rights and safety of refugees.

Show Up Virtually

Join the Jews for Refugees Facebook Group to stay connected to the Jewish movement for refugees.

Make an in-kind donation to help refugees and asylum seekers with basic needs.

Donate air miles to help HIAS reunite clients with their families.

Contribute to bond funds to release immigrants from detention.

Hang a “Refugees Welcome” banner in your window.

Purchase refugee-made products and support refugee-owned businesses online


Learn about how your congregation/organization can sponsor an Afghan or Ukrainian refugee family through the new HIAS Welcome Circle initiative 

Sign up to learn about how your community can be involved in local support/sponsorship for refugees

View all current HIAS volunteer opportunities (all remote, due to COVID-19) on the HIAS Volunteer Page.

Lawyers are needed for a variety of pro bono projects. Learn more and submit your interest.

Spanish-speaking individuals can volunteer remotely to support HIAS’ Border Response Team in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, providing services to asylum seekers.  Find out more and sign up here.

Updates on remote volunteering at HIAS can also be found at the following links: New York, Washington DC.

Organize Your Community Online

Join an upcoming educational series designed for congregations who are part of HIAS’ Welcome Campaign.

Host an online organizing meeting with community members to discuss ways to help local refugees and asylum seekers. E-mail for support.

Encourage your synagogue to join the HIAS Welcome Campaign.


Resources to take action

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