VIDEO: We Open Our Hearts for Them

What if you had to run away from everything you knew?
What does it take to start over?
Who could help you?

As the global refugee crisis continues to affect millions, HIAS is expanding our response. Just this year, HIAS opened new offices in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Aruba, countries experiencing an unprecedented influx of refugees and asylum seekers.

“We are a global organization helping thousands of people every day and we are proud to be growing, providing people with the support they need including legal protection, economic inclusion, psychosocial support, and gender-based violence prevention and response,” said Rachel Levitan, HIAS Vice President of International Programs.

HIAS’ network now reaches 15 countries across the United States, Mexico, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

A new video from HIAS, “We Open Our Hearts for Them,” depicts what happens when circumstances force people to be uprooted from their lives. 

The video tells the story of two women—one forced to flee from violence in Venezuela with her family, and the other to leave Uganda because of her sexual orientation—and while the stories are distinctly different, they have familiar common themes. Both women left everything behind, and had to begin their lives again in a foreign country.

“We support them to overcome the trauma,” explains Sabrina Lustgarten, HIAS Ecuador Country Director. “We help refugees with their most urgent needs as soon as they arrive.” 

As Ailicec from Venezuela says in the video, “Without the help of HIAS we would not be here.”

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