LISTEN: HIAS Emergency Briefing Call on Refugee Ban

On Friday, January 27, President Trump slammed America's doors to refugees fleeing violence and persecution. HIAS held an emergency briefing call for supporters on Thursday, February 2, to discuss the impact of the executive order banning refugees.

On the call, HIAS  President and CEO Mark Hetfield called the past week both the “worst” and “most exhilarating” week of his professional life. “Worst,” because of the immensely negative impact the executive order has already had on refugees. "Most exhilarating,” because of the amazing public support shown for refugees at rallies across the country.

Vice President for Community Engagement Rabbi Jennie Rosenn then briefed participants on the tremendous response by the Jewish community and shared ways to take a stand for refugees at this time.

Listen to the complete audio of this call below, and sign up today to receive regular updates about HIAS’ work on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers.

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