Open the Gates for Refugees

Join thousands of American Jews in calling on the government to keep the gates of the United States open to refugees.

Guided by my Jewish history and values, I raise my voice with thousands of American Jews to call on the United States government to ensure the safety and dignity of refugees worldwide.

In this critical moment, we need bold and urgent leadership to address the global refugee crisis. We must uphold our country’s long and proud history of supporting refugees, and we must keep our gates open to those seeking safety and freedom.

The global refugee crisis is now the largest in history, even surpassing the mass global displacement following World War II. Today there are over 65 million refugees and displaced people who were forced to flee their homes due to violence, war, and persecution. We know that behind these numbers are 65 million faces and 65 million stories. As Jews, we believe in recognizing the humanity and individuality of every person.

In response to a global crisis, we call on our government to ensure that the United States does its share, acts with compassion and welcome, and sets an example for other world leaders.



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